Designing Unique

At HEBRA, we develop full architecture and interior design projects.

We produce bespoke spaces by working with curated materials, textures, clean geometries, lighting, studied interventions and ART.

We combine meticulous crafts and natural elements to create thrilling atmospheres that make people feeling calm and comfort.

We respect the context we live and we design under the criteria provided by our national and international expertise.

Andrés Jover

Architect & Co-Founder

I graduated from The Polytechnic University of Valencia in Architecture in 2015 and I earned a Distinction in my final year project. Since then, I have been able to work as an architect in studios based in Valencia (SP), Porto (PT) and New York (USA).

In Valencia, I could develop projects with product designers and retail experts.
In Porto, I could learn and increase my passion for details, traditional construction and bespoke architecture projects.
In NY, I could work in big teams for developing large projects and learning the methodology to coordinate manufacturers with design.

At Hebra, we try to contribute all our acquired experience and provide our personality to our context.

I am passionate about clean but detailed spaces, with harmonic complexity and personality.

Iris Pedro

Architect & Co-Founder

I studied Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. I won the Piranesi Prize in Rome in 2015, what led me to get a master in Museography and Innovative Design at the Adrianea Academy of Rome, having experiences in different international studios and universities in Berlin, New York or Athens.

I soon started having practices abroad in London (UK), but I basically developed my career in Rome (IT), getting involved in Italian design and the beauty of aesthetic.

I have worked many diverse scales, from product design or retail to relevant international projects in big teams, learning the high standards of quality.
Now, back home in Valencia, I joined my university colleague Andrés to create Hebra and share our love for design, architecture and art.

I believe, above all, in ideas, and I adore the process of make them a reality: a space, an object, a place…

People who add value to our projects:

  • Silvia Puerto
  • Juanjo Picó
  • Carmen Lliso
  • Xavier Moya
  • Diego Gomez
  • Carmina Ginesta
  • Cristina Jover

The Project Process

  • First contact meeting
  • Pre-Investment consulting
  • Client Wishlist
  • Plans survey (current state)
  • Layout Plans and Schemes
  • Project Design (in & out)
  • CD Set developed plans
  • License documents and procedure
  • Construction Direction and Coordination
  • Project Photo shooting