Casa de la Higuera

Integral renovation of an apartment in Valencia,
Central-European style


CASA DE LA HIGUERA is a small apartment in the historical center of Valencia, that guides its spaces to an interior courtyard, providing main rooms of natural light.
The interior is composed by natural material textures, where tradition and handwork can be appreciated, in a very balanced way.

HEBRA wanted to collaborate to create different interior atmospheres with other local design branches, artists and sculptors from town, to create synergy, as in an art gallery, and upgrading open and clean spaces inside the apartment. Yet through curated essential product in a collaborative manner across creative fields, the space becomes alive in order to escalate contemporary living standards.

Details are simple, lighting is adjusted, almost it doesn´t exist at ceiling plan. All spaces are illuminated by indirect light for avoiding glare and achieve comfort.

This house, with Central-European style, creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere at the private areas (night rooms) and opens itself in a large space with industrial notes at daily areas. Interior Oak millwork is designed to take advantage of all spaces. Lines and geometry go around interior so that, there is a continuous and fluent sensation.

Big gap at facade and carpentry in the windows was inspired by NYC Soho Architecture, because of client´s relationship with this New York neighborhood.

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