Cafe de CO Cabanyal

Café de CO Cabanyal is a restaurant located in the heart of the Cabanyal-Canyamelar neighborhood, on the roof of the Wayco Cabanyal building.


The space is inspired by the tradition and craftsmanship of the neighborhood where it is located. Baked clay tiles, Mediterranean colored tiles, traditional Macael marble, metallics and copper mirrors are some of the materials used to create a unique atmosphere that evoke the artistic and architectural value of Cabañal.

The arched shapes and textiles frame different scenes throughout the restaurant with different uses, allowing the space to be flexible and dynamic.

Being located in a coworking building, with very diverse technical and spatial needs, the restaurant is made up of different areas that can be independent or become a single space.

An open bar area, for preparing all types of drinks, snacks and cocktails, an events room, Ateneo Marítimo room, capable of acoustic and visual isolation, a room for small groups, El Casinet room, more intimate and welcoming, and a large terrace with a chill-out area, a standing area and an outdoor barbecue area, are some of the areas that make up the space.

The interior design concept coexists and is enhanced with pieces of Valencian design furniture (Blasco & Vila), which has been selected with noble materials and upholstery, exclusively for the project. These pieces provide a current image and an avant-garde language that makes the restaurant a reference in spaces intended for business events, but also for people who want to enjoy a quiet space with views of the entire neighborhood and the maritime area of ​​Valencia.

HEBRA Estudio Cafe de CO

Materials that have been used such as Macael marble, used in typical grocery stores, Finsa brand carpentry, opaque and translucent textiles and lighting and accessories of Danish design, transfer notes of elegance to the project.

In addition, several iconic elements have been used in the restaurant that recall unique places of tradition and coexistence in the neighborhood, such as the Ateneo Marítimo, with its wooden carpentry library and reading spaces, El Casinet, with its game tables and meeting, or its aged mirrors and elements of nautical spirit.

Hebra Estudio Cafe de CO